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Golf Coaching

Golf Coaching is something Mark is very passionate about and has been lucky to have worked with a number of exceptional golfers over the last number of years some of whom have achieved scratch and plus handicaps.


Mark really enjoys working with golfers of all levels and feels golf should be a game that includes everyone.


Mark’s Philosophy:

Every golfer must have a sound understanding of the fundamentals, Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture,

Ball Position coupled with a dynamic movement pattern throughout the swing.


This will lead to more consistent striking and more enjoyable golf.

Certified Golf Fitness Professional

Mark holds a Higher Certificate in Physical Fitness and Conditioning for Sport and

as a certified TPI Instructor, he can offer you a comprehensive physical assessment

to evaluate your golfing stability, flexibility, strength, power and balance.

The assessment isn’t demanding physically even for those who are quite inactive.


Whether you are a complete beginner looking to take up the sport or experienced player looking to perfect your current standard, one to one tuition is the optimum way to improve your golf knowledge & ultimately your on course performance.



He also offers technology assisted coaching using High Speed Casio Digital Camera and the V-One Digital Coaching system. By using this coaching system your goals and achievements can be analyzed and 

monitored throughout the season.


Junior Golf:

There will be a number of Junior Golf camps held throughout the holiday periods and details will be posted on Facebook and various notice boards in the golf clubhouse.

PGA Professional Golf Association Certified Member
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